Memphis & Mississippi map

Memphis & Mississippi
are like nowhere else
in the USA and are
recognised worldwide
as the Land of the American Kings…

Of musical kings such as B.B. King, the blues legend; the king of country music, Jimmie Rodgers; the king of the blues, Robert Johnson; and the greatest king of them all, Elvis Presley, the "King of Rock’n’Roll". Of literary kings such as William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams and John Grisham who made Memphis & Mississippi the backdrop for so many of their prize-winning works. Of king cotton, the white gold of the south that brought great wealth, slavery, secession and civil war. Of the mighty Mississippi, king of rivers, winding 2,320 miles through the heart of America. Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the slain civil rights leader and activist who inspired millions to defy racism and segregation peacefully and non-violently to transform America.

For an American experience like no other,explore the Land of the American Kings…

visit Memphis & Mississippi!

Memphis & Mississippi map